Henry & Mary Hendrickson, Owners

Married 9 years, Mary and Henry have owned Sonlight since the fall of 2007. Henry has recently been enjoying more time in the office and handles the majority of the office work as Mary is now an RN on the Oncology floor at University of Colorado Hospital. Mary is currently expecting their first child; Samuel. 


Niko Athanasiou, Sales and Marketing Ninja

Hailing from the great state of Alaska, Niko is husband to Celia and father to Aria and Theo. This year Niko became the youth pastor at Providence Bible Church and is currently putting down roots in the same area he serves; Northeast Denver.



Kit Hendrickson, Crew Manager

This year Kit completed  6 years working for Sonlight, making him the seasoned veteran of the crew. When he's not cleaning windows Kit can be found designing and fabricating new products in MSCD's Industrial Design Program. He is set to graduate in the spring of 2015. On the weekends Kit also pedals pedestrians through downtown Denver as a pedicab driver. Call him up if you need a ride! (720) 921-6746



Peter Stephens, Crew Manager 

Born and raised in Arvada Colorado, Peter has now been with Sonlight for 4 years.  Aside from performing his managerial duties with excellence, Peter is known for setting the crew record for the most consecutive days to eat a Chipotle burrito.  Occasionally he will even eat two in the same day.




Mark Stephens, Crew Member

Standing at 6'9", Mark would like to preemptively and emphatically state that "Yes, actually, I do need a ladder." While away from his duties at Sonlight, Mark has become a student of the stock market and busies himself researching and learning all he can.




Zach Smith, Crew Member

Zach is a mountain guide, world traveler and entrepreneur. He spent the bulk of 2013 on a round-the-world trip with his wife Courtney and continues to blog about it at oursmallearth.com. His most recent endeavor? Starting a business. If you aim to enhance your house's curb appeal than feel free to contact him at stagescaping.com