Razorless Construction Clean Up  -  Window Cleaning Denver-Boulder, CO:            

$10 per window pane base rate

Using our own razorless construction debris removal Method, we Eliminate any potential for Glass Scratches.

The full Post-construction clean up rate includes The washing of all inside and outside surfaces, cleaning of screens, wiping of tracks and sills, and removal of all larger debris and eyesores on the frames (we do not detail or remove paint from frames).

Count the number of panes in your windows.

Different windows contain different numbers of panes. Use the guide below to help you understand what we mean by "pane".

Multiply the total number of panes by 10.

This will provide you with a base rate estimate of your final price. Additional charges may apply.

Upon arrival, we will recount your panes and finalize your price before getting started.

Construction clean up, especially with glass, is a delicate endeavor. No doubt you’ve heard the horror stories; a cleaner spends days removing the post-construction gunk on your new windows only to systematically scratch every pane in the process. With our method all that stress is eliminated as we simply do not use a single tool or solution that could cause such an issue. Over the years, we have developed several detailing methods to prevent scratches to tempered glass and other softer glass types. We are ready to assist you in preparing your new property for opening by cleaning all surfaces and window panes.

Single Casement or Fixed Window = 1 Pane

Double or Single Hung Window = 2 Panes

Slider Window or Door = 2 Panes

Storm Window = 4 Panes

French Panes - We consider this window to contain an equivalent of 3 Panes.

I.E. 4 Squares = 1 Pane.

If your windows are not shown above we will happily arrange an onsite bid prior to a window cleaning appointment.

Extra Charges

  • Skylights are counted as 2 Panes. or double the normal pane rate.

  • Unusually difficult 3rd story glass, we charge double the normal pane rate.

Our minimum price for all post-construction window cleaning is $150.

We accept cash, check and credit. Payment is due the same day as the cleaning.


About Our Pricing

As one of Boulder & Denver Colorado’s most competitive window washing services, we strive to offer the most competitive pricing coupled with service tailored to your needs. We have worked proactively to identify the prices that are most effective for our clients. We stand by our satisfaction guarantee that when one of our window cleaning crews wash your windows, you will be a happy property owner.

Due to the diverse needs of our commercial and residential window cleaning customers, we have standardized our base pricing to provide greater transparency in order to promote trust. Check our each of our individual sections to find out how we can clean your windows all with some of the most competitive pricing in the Boulder Denver-metro areas.