Gutter Cleaning = $1.50 per linear foot base rate

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Measure or estimate the total linear feet of gutter at your home.

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Multiply that total by $1.50.

This will provide you with a base rate estimate of your final price. Additional charges may apply.

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Upon arrival we will remeasure the gutters at your home and finalize your price before we get started.

Example: A 1-2 story 2000-sq-ft home with 150 linear ft of gutter would total $225


Comprehensive Gutter cleaning includes...

  • Clearing of all gutters and downspouts

  • Entire system is flushed to ensure functionality

  • Any mess created in the cleaning process is removed

  • Debris is bagged and removed from the property

  • Report on any issues or necessary repairs found while inspecting the gutters

does not include:

  • Gutter repair or installation

  • Removal of gutter protection

  • Cleaning above 3 stories


$150 Minimum Price.


Our business is taking care of home exteriors, and we know how important everyday

maintenance can be to keeping your house looking great. Gutters play a very important function

in keeping your house safe from weather, but also many other environmental problems. When

functioning properly, a good set of gutters is going to be the first line of defense for one of your

home’s most important features—your roof. Roof replacements and repairs can run into the tens

of thousands of dollars, so making sure that your gutters are working well will help you get the

most out of yours. When gutters build up with leaves and debris, they do not clear water

effectively from the top of your house. This can cause a whole host of problems beyond

unsightly dripping around your eaves. Standing water can cause rot and warping to the

foundations of your roof, harming exterior windows, moldings, doors or patios that may be in the

area. With water comes mold, moss and insects. Water runoff can also be a disaster for your

home’s paint and siding, which we all try so hard to keep clean and up to-date. Free-running

gutters that are routinely cleared of leaves will help your home stay clear of all these problems.


The biggest reason that customers search for outside help with home maintenance is so that

people will notice the difference from tasks they would normally do themselves. Cleaning your

gutters by hand is one thing, but making sure that the work leaves no trace of debris or grime is

another. Our employees will approach your home with two goals in mind: functioning gutters

and pristine condition of your home’s exterior. This means no small twigs and leaves strewn

around your landscaping, and a full cleanup.


Our employees are happy to work around your schedule. From our years of experience in

exterior home care, we understand how important it is to be able to navigate around a variety of

work and home calendars. There are always going to be times when having workers traveling

up and down your house is an inconvenience, and we are happy to help avoid those conflicts.


While we go through the process of cleaning your gutters, let us take a look at them for you.

Gutter systems are often specific to a specific house, and can come with all sorts of individual

quirks and oddities. We will be happy to let you know how everything is functioning, and if any

repairs or alterations would help improve your system.

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year, but it can also be a source of anxiety. We all

love to watch the leaves change, but as soon as they cover your entire yard the relaxation turns

to stress. While most homeowners are used to dealing with leaf pickup and regular yard

cleaning, fewer people are prepared to deal with issues involving their gutters. While leaf

blowing and picking up leaves around your yard is a mostly cosmetic chore, keeping your

gutters clean during autumn can have lasting positive effects. Sonlight Window Cleaning offers

low-cost gutter cleanup that can be a lifesaver to your home during the autumn months. For the

cost of $1.50 per linear foot, your gutters and eaves will be free of leaves and ready to take on

any fall storms that could be on the way. Any debris that is in your gutters, which can include

sticks, rocks and acorns, will be bagged up and removed from your home so that you don’t have

to deal with any cleanup. Our workers will also be happy to report on the condition of your

gutters, and let you know if any repairs or alterations are recommended.

Sonlight Window Cleaning knows the outside of your house, even if we haven’t been there yet.

Our years of experience in the industry mean that our employees understand all of the issues

that can crop up when it comes to exterior home care. In the case of gutters, the problems are

real but often only cause serious damage after years. If your gutters pile up with leaves and

debris year after year, season after season, here are some of the things that can go wrong. The

first and most serious problem is damage to your roof. Roofs are one of the most important

pieces of any home, and they cost a fortunate to replace or even repair. Gutters are put in place

to help protect your roof and the sides of your home, but they can only do their job if they are

free of debris and leaves. Letting your gutters get clogged up with debris and water can cause

serious damage to the edge of your roof and the underlying wood sheeting. Sonlight’s gutter

cleaning service is one of the best ways to ensure that you get the most out of your roof.

Letting your gutters build up with debris can also cause serious problems with the walls of your

house and any exterior windows, moldings, doors or patios that may be in the area. Damage to

these areas can build up over time as your gutters become less effective, leading to rot, warping

and damage to all sorts of external features of your home. Like so many other types of

homecare, taking care of your gutters is the best way to save money in the long run. Not

everyone has the time to go through regular upkeep every week, so let Sonlight Window

Cleaning take care of some of the most important tasks for you.