Where did it all begin?

            John & Dave Hestera
            Founders, 1978 - 2001

In 1978 John Hestera overheard a few neighbors complaining about their dirty windows and soon found himself a few stories high with a squeegee in hand. His high standards, ease of relationship, and hard work quickly translated into a substantial number of home and small business owners lining up to receive his services. It wasn't long before he had roped his own sons into the operation and began to search for a name.

Believing that his business would function as the primary medium through which he would influence the world, he named the company Sonlight. For John, the “Son” in Sonlight referred to the “Son of God” and was an honest and upfront declaration of who he was and the standard to which he would build his business. Over the years John and his sons have passed the ownership among themselves several times over. Dave now owns Hestera Chiropractic in Arvada.

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