Float Day

From January to June each one of us will clean over 12,000 surfaces of glass. So by mid-summer we're ready for a change of pace. That's why every July we schedule a Friday off solely to hang out, have fun, and recharge. With cold drinks in hand, plenty of meat to grill, and a lazy oxbow-river to meander down, we embrace our Sabbath. We call it Float Day. It serves as a restful time to restore our minds and enjoy our beautiful state of Colorado. We hope this post encourages you to do something similar.

The Sonlight Window Cleaning crew relaxing on Float Day



What happened to my windows!?

Occasionally after a cleaning we get the question..."why does that pane look so bad?" Nine times out of ten it's a broken seal.

If a seal breaks, moisture seeps in-between the glass and forms a foggy or discolored look on the window. In less severe cases the condensation appears as round splotches or in diagonal patterns and is most visible when the sun is low in the sky. 

While regular maintenance and cleaning goes a long way in preventing a broken seal there is no real way to clean these surfaces. However if you need any such windows replaced we would love to recommend a great friend of ours.

Andrew, Owner of Integrity Building Solutions would love to assist you in purchasing the right window, and install it at your convenience. If you need to replace your windows, He's the one to call.

Contact: Integrity Building Solutions
(303) 968-9842



The Story of Sonlight

Where did it all begin?

            John & Dave Hestera
            Founders, 1978 - 2001

In 1978 John Hestera overheard a few neighbors complaining about their dirty windows and soon found himself a few stories high with a squeegee in hand. His high standards, ease of relationship, and hard work quickly translated into a substantial number of home and small business owners lining up to receive his services. It wasn't long before he had roped his own sons into the operation and began to search for a name.

Believing that his business would function as the primary medium through which he would influence the world, he named the company Sonlight. For John, the “Son” in Sonlight referred to the “Son of God” and was an honest and upfront declaration of who he was and the standard to which he would build his business. Over the years John and his sons have passed the ownership among themselves several times over. Dave now owns Hestera Chiropractic in Arvada.

...the rest of the story here



What solution do you use?


We use Zep's Ammonia-Free Glass Cleaner. We believe Zep is The cleaning solution for windows. Why? It's ammonia free, streakless, safe on tint, extremely affordable, pleasantly scented, and clears away residue on any surface. We're betting that if you buy a gallon of this concentrate you'll say good bye to windex for life. You can find this product and other Zep products, at your local Home Depot or Grainger. Learn more about Zep 

Looking for a cleaning product for your business, home, or industry. Zep does it all, check out this video below.



Be Honest

"Being honest may not get you a lot of friends, but it will give you the right ones."

Tell us your honest opinion about our service.

How about this, those who post a brief review on Google Plus or Google Maps by the end of this week, Saturday Jan 17th, can expect a gift from us in the mail and be placed in a drawing for $200 off their next cleaning(s). (Hint, it will take less than 2 minutes through a mobile device, and less than 4 minutes online.)

"We are committed to improving our service. But in order to do so we need to know the truth. Just a few reviews will help us to score well on google results which is a key factor in allowing us to keep our rates low. If you are able to submit a brief review you will be helping us (and you) by leaps and bounds."  - Henry Hendrickson, Owner