Meet The Crew

Henry Hendrickson | Owner

Married 11 years, Mary and Henry have owned and operated Sonlight out of Wheat Ridge CO since the fall of 2007. Henry has recently been enjoying more time in the office and handles the majority of the operation as Mary now works as an RN in the PACU at Lutheran Medical Center. Mary gave birth to Samuel 2 years ago and is expecting their 2nd son later this year. 


Sherice Davis | Office Manager

A beach-bum from the start, Sherice considers herself only temporarily landlocked in Northeast Denver.  In the mean time, she is deeply committed to her husband Andy and invests the majority of her effort into their 3 children; Sawyer(10yrs), Asher(4yrs) and Eden(1yr, you may hear her cooing in the background as you schedule a cleaning). Once her little ones are a bit older Sherice plans to turn her passion for women's development and midwifery into a career as a doula or midwife.


Peter Stephens | Crew Leader

Born and raised in Arvada Colorado, Peter has now been with Sonlight for 6 years.  Aside from performing his managerial duties with excellence, Peter is known for setting the crew record for the most consecutive days to eat a Chipotle burrito.  Occasionally he will even eat two in the same day. Outside of Sonlight, Peter is actively developing a career in photography.

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Josh Proemmel | Crew Leader

Originally from Champaign Illinois, Josh enjoys hiking, running, and basketball. His favorite activity in Colorado is walking outside his home in Northeast Denver (Clayton Neighborhood) while taking in the clear view of downtown with the mountains in the background. Josh's true passion is for our youth. Outside of Sonlight Josh participates in after-school programs and other venues as a community leader where he encourages young people toward making meaningful change in their lives.

Egide (AG) Nshimiyimana | Baseman

From the Land of a Thousand Hills (Rwanda), Egide, also known as AG, has made his way to the Land of The Rockies. As he begins his first year of college, AG is looking forward to gaining more knowledge and experience in business. For fun, he loves playing sports that challenge him to stay in shape. AG will have you know that he is now benching twice his body weight.

Ryan Acosta  |  Crew Leader

Rumor has it that Ryan was "raised by a pack of huskies in the mountains of Colorado".  As serious as this mountain man may look, he's known for his sense of humor and spine crunching bear hugs. Ryan loves to make people laugh, play paintball, and spend time with his amazing wife, Alyssa. In his off time Ryan has founded RH Marketing where he pursues his true passion: activating people's inner entrepreneur so that they can take control of their life and fulfill their dreams. 

Pasco Mudumbi | Ladderman

Having moved from Congo to Tanzania to Denver, all before turning 15, the man has seen some sights. Despite his fluency in Kirundi, Swahili, French and English, Pasco is seeking even more education as he pushes forward in the application process at MSU Denver. A life long soccer player, we're rooting for his success in obtaining a walk-on spot on one of the MSU-Denver teams.

Jordan Hunsucker | Baseman

Hailing from the 'Empire State of the South', Jordan emerged from Georgia to travel the globe as an ambassador for Youth With a Mission. It only makes sense that after having his pick of the world he would settle down in the great city of Arvada, CO.  While away from his day job Jordan sharpens his skills as a musician. His weapon of choice: a Fender jazz-master guitar he affectionately calls "Layla".

Taylor Tenner | Ladderman

A recent transplant from Minnesota, Taylor is now a proud resident of Arvada CO. At 20 yrs of age, he is contemplating a move into either a 4 year college degree or a business mentorship. For now he considers himself a full time student of the culinary arts, albeit primarily through the Food Network.